Sunday, March 16, 2008


For this review I took the second trailer for WallE as the real starting point. The first trailer was really a story board and much too open ended to articulate the marketing expectations.

This is a very nice looking package. It's great that the recoginizable Pixar logo gets a little play with the new character just to book end things.
Music is great - perfect really (if it's not in the movie I'd be disappointed). As for the sell - this is softsell at it's best. No voiceover - just sound effects and the interaction of the character - really simple and it opens up the audience to the persona that is WallE - you have to love this little character (I can see the toy shops churning these out as I watch).
Nice comedic elements chosen - nice and short - just enough to make you familiar but not enough to tell you exactly what is going on.
Now you've built up the viewers love for the character and you introduce something big an scary (enter the giant spaceship) and you've got your setup for a plot without giving anything away.
The end of the spot appears to lack the creative that is being used for the rest. There is something about the shot of him holding onto the ship that gives away too much and the little scream from the character defies the quiet persona you have come to expect throughout the rest of the spot.
Perspective in this is great in this spot - for the most part you get the idea that WallE is a little character, but the view is at his height. You are put into his shoes by being put at his level - hence the sympathetic viewer is joined with the character.

Even with the corporate commercial ending I still have to give this a 5 out of 5. It is above and beyond, but I think with the flexbility of the animated feature you should expect the best from your commercial marketing team. I'll see you in the theatre for this one.

Iron Man

Iron Man is expected to open in theatres May 2nd, in the meanwhile we have been offered a small sampling in the form of a trailer to tempt us into the cinema.

Visually the spot starts off a little soft - not a lot to go on, but Downey shows he can deliver the sweet lines. The verbal teasing is nice and constant - you definately get the idea that Stark is an asshole, nicely done!
Now of course you get the mid-east conflict thrown into this spot. A little bit of sentiment and a little bit of revenge to yank the viewer in, though the exteriors really kind of look like an Arizona backyard. You've basically been given the background, a nice idea of the characters personality and presented with the reason "why?". From this point you just need to wow the audience which is done nicely (and appreciatively) with the introduction of the classic Iron Man armor. Throw in some classic metal music and you've got a very nice package. Though the exterior shots are a bit weak.
Nice flashes of time passing - shows progression without giving away the plot (I hate when they tell you the whole story in the trailer) and the lineup to the punch-line for the last little bit of the spot.... the modern Iron Man flying with jets - not really the greatest wrapup to the spot - a little too much signature shot than impressive, but still alright.

I'd rate the trailer a 4 out of 5. Nice music, good pacing, still missing a few "money" shots, but still nice enough to tease us with what we see and provide a good story background for those who aren't familiar with the character. Thanks for not spelling this movie out too much! This was a well done commercial.